Choose Cotton


dressing table

It’s dusty and hot in the southwest and jeans, cotton t-shirts and Havaianas are pretty comfortable.  In ten days, my son will be getting married.  During my search for a gown, the truth unfolded.  I had not dressed-up for a very long time.  The excuse had always been you can go just about anywhere wearing jeans in this town.
The brown package was delivered to my front door.  A sparkling shoe box held ivory pumps embellished with crystals.  My lace gown was wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed with a gold “D”.  I must say, it was a definite thrill to unwrap my lovely gown and have a dress rehearsal.  It took three different pairs, to find the perfect shoes.  I’m going to absorb every moment of our special occasion, because I’m worth it.
There is no doubt, well-made, beautiful clothes can uplift my mood and my confidence.  Those clothes are crazy expensive.  I know comfortable clothes, in my favorite colors and style, will do the same.  Something has been brought to light, the trinkets on my shelves do not deserve more of my time than I give to myself.
In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”